Update 2

Spartan API endpoints added to site

Spartan API opened early 2022 when the shade airdrop started with a limited number of nodes, since then it has been operational and in use by several parties including but not limited to binance, gate.io, shade, secretnodes.com, secretdao.com, as well as other dapps, and various individuals who needed API access. Due to 3rd generation SGX hardware not adding support on the originally communicated timeline, Secure Secrets x Secret LLC has invested our own money into deploying, maintaining, and expanding this API with our own funds outside of any community spend. After internal testing was completed in the last week, we internally decided to add the endpoints to the site so a wider range of users can more easily find the public endpoints we maintain.

API Rules

Note for developers. For quality control purposes, if your application uses inefficient code and or otherwise excessively spams the API, your server IP(s) may be blocked by our load balancer. This should only apply to applications that require rapid and lengthy consecutive queries. Since the majority of dapps have the query come from the end users IP address, this will only apply to a narrow subset of those wishing to use the API. If you are a developer and unsure of if your application will be impacted, we encourage you to reach out to us directly by emailing [email protected].